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  • Porcelain Inlays

Porcelain Inlays Treatment in Battersea

Porcelain inlays are custom-made and shaped to fit into a prepared tooth. It is bonded against any kind of decay and damage. The inlays will stabilise natural teeth giving you a natural look and feel. The result will be a healthy smile and greater confidence.

Porcelain inlay restoration, treatment for:

  • Fractured or broken teeth
  • Decayed teeth
  • Fractured fillings
  • Cosmetic improvement
  • Large fillings

The benefits of porcelain inlays:

  • Strong and durable, adding strength to your decayed tooth
  • Long lasting
  • Colour can be matched to your natural tooth
  • Feel, look and function like natural teeth
  • Stain resistant.

The process of porcelain inlays

Porcelain inlays usually require two dental appointments. In the first appointment accurate impressions (molds) will be taken. The dentist will use these to create customised inlays and a temporary restoration.

While your tooth is numb, the dentist will remove any decay or old filling material. The space will be cleaned thoroughly, prepared carefully and shaped to fit an inlay restoration. A temporary filling will be applied to protect your tooth while the inlay is prepared in a dental laboratory.

During the second appointment, your new inlay will be precisely and carefully cemented into place. A few adjustments might be needed in order to ensure that it fits properly and your bite is comfortable.

Your dentist will provide instructions on proper care at the end of the treatment.  Good oral hygiene practices, regular dental visits and proper diet will help provide the best future care of your inlay.

Case Studies

porcelain inlays battersea

porcelain inlays wandsworth
porcelain veneers treatment

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