Orthodontics Battersea

Orthodontic is that branch of dentistry that focuses on dealing with problems relating to teeth alignment. Our orthodontists in Battersea perform the diagnosing and treatment of dental irregularities like a crooked tooth, protruding tooth, crowded tooth, and poor jaw alignment.

At Chatfield Dental Battersea, we have highly regarded orthodontist that has acquired great experience and expertise in the art of correcting your teeth alignments to give you new confidence and smile. If you’re feeling embarrassed about your teeth and have lost confidence in talking in public places or with peers, you need not to worry anymore as Chatfield Dental has got you covered. With Chatfield, our qualified orthodontists in Battersea will give you your smile back.

We offer high-quality treatment in orthodontics that not only make our patients comfortable but also achieve great results. Orthodontics treatments include the use of braces to reposition misaligned teeth. At Chatfield Dental Centre, we have various types of braces to ensure the desire of every individual is met.

Our orthodontist can treat even the most severe cases because of their high level of research, qualification, and the expertise they have achieved over time when it comes to orthodontic. Our orthodontists know what discreet means –that’s why here at Chatfield, we also offer lingual braces that act a lot more like conventional braces but are made to fit at the back of the teeth which means only you know the secret about your orthodontic treatment. Other discreet orthodontic treatments would include the use of Invisalign which is used to realign your teeth without anyone noticing.



At Chatfield Dental Centre, nothing pleases us so much than showing off your beautiful and warm smile and not your braces. There is nothing as having a warm heartfelt smile whether at your place of work, school or even when you are out socialising with friends. If you are concern about making the first right impression with your smile, then our Invisalign aligners might be just right for you.

Removable and Fixed Braces

Removable braces simple appliances are commonly used to clip the teeth, especially the upper teeth and make some teeth corrections. This method is basically used mostly for patients who are not ready to go through comprehensive correction methods. Fixed braces are the most common method used by orthodontists Battersea to correct tooth defection and arrangement. The fixed braces give you the perfect result of beautiful teeth.


They are not directly orthodontic appliances as they do not move the teeth but are essential in post orthodontic treatment in the sense that they help in preventing the teeth from moving back when braces are removed.

Orthodontics in Chatfield Dental Centre

  • Invisalign
  • Lingual Braces
  • Invisible Ceramic Braces
  • Removable/Fixed Braces
  • Clarity
  • Standard Metal Braces
  • Cfast Braces

Why Choose Us?

We have built a good reputation in the dentistry Industry for over 15 years.

At Chatfield Dental Centre, we work hard to make sure our patients get quality dental and orthodontics treatment in Battersea. We provide quality and reliable services when it comes to making sure your dental health.

We have highly qualified, friendly and motivated dentists.

Chatfield Dental Centre offers only premium services and treatments when it comes to orthodontic in Battersea. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Call us and book an appointment today to experience our friendly and accommodating professionals. Apart from orthodontic treatments, we also offer advice and counsltation on other dental treatments that would be most suitable for your kind of dental problems.