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Orthodontic Treatment in Battersea

Orthodontics refers to the speciality of dentistry which focuses on teeth re-alignment. This is an area of dentistry which has grown and developed hugely in recent years; with many people from all walks of life seeking orthodontic treatment to get the smile they want.

Our orthodontists at Chatfield Dental Centre expertly diagnose and treat various dental irregularities. These typically include crooked, protruding or crowded teeth, as well as jaw misalignment.

At Chatfield Dental Centre, we have highly regarded orthodontists working in our team. Following qualifying in dentistry, they have undertaken further training for orthodontics. They therefore have acquired great experience and expertise in the art of correcting teeth alignment to totally transform any patient’s smiles.

If you are feeling embarrassed about your teeth, or have lost confidence about showing your teeth when talking, Chatfield Dental is here to help you. Our orthodontists will use their expertise and skill to give you the smile of your dreams back.

We offer high-quality orthodontic treatment plans that are tailored to each patient to try to ensure as much comfort as possibly, while also achieving excellent results. We use a variety of types of braces to get the results you want.

Our orthodontist(s) can treat even the most severe cases because of their high level of research, qualification, and the expertise they have achieved over time in their speciality. Our orthodontists understand the need for discrete treatments. Therefore, at Chatfield Dental Centre, we also offer lingual braces. These are groundbreaking in the interface of cosmetic awareness combined with excellent clinical practice. They treat misaligned teeth much like conventional braces, but are made to fit at the back of the teeth- which means nobody else will notice your teeth are being treated!



We are also especially pleased to offer Invisalign as an option for realigning teeth. We are very proud of our success in transforming hundreds of patient’s smiles using this treatment, which consists of using a series of plastic trays to gradually realign teeth over time. This particular treatment is offered by our dentists with a specific interest in restorative and cosmetic treatments; namely Dr Eskander and Dr Karimi.

removable braces battersea
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Removable and Fixed Braces

Removable braces are simple appliances which clip the teeth, especially in the upper jaw, and some teeth corrections. This method is generally used mostly

for patients who are not ready to go through comprehensive correction methods. Fixed braces are the most common, and extensive, method used here by our orthodontists to realign teeth. Our treatments with fixed braces will totally transform your smile and your confidence!


These are not strictly orthodontic appliances per se, as they do not move the teeth. They are, however, essential following orthodontic treatment as they help prevent the teeth from moving back into their pre-treatment position once your braces are removed. Your dentist will make arrangements for a unique retainer(s) to be produced for you following orthodontic treatment at our clinic. It is very important to follow your dentist’s instructions and ensure you wear them as directed, or the longevity of the results of the orthodontic treatment may be compromised

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Orthodontics in Chatfield Dental Centre

  • Invisalign
  • Lingual Braces
  • Invisible Ceramic Braces
  • Removable/Fixed Braces
  • Clarity
  • Standard Metal Braces
  • Cfast Braces

Why Choose Us?

We have built a good reputation in the dentistry Industry for over 15 years.

At Chatfield Dental Centre, we work hard to make sure our patients get quality dental and orthodontic treatment in Battersea. We provide quality and reliable services when it comes to making sure your dental health.

We have highly qualified, friendly and motivated dentists.

Chatfield Dental Centre offers only premium services and treatments when it comes to orthodontic in Battersea. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Call us and book an appointment today to experience our friendly and accommodating professionals. Apart from orthodontic treatments, we also offer advice and consultation on other dental treatments that would be most suitable for your kind of dental problems.