Four years ago I had 7 dental implants to my top jaw and it was an investment which was worth having. My confidence has increased as I now have a perfect smile, and I can say goodbye to dentures and fillings. The treatment was meticulous, and Pakan and his team offered a very high standard which gave me confidence and reassurance. The end result was beyond my expectations. Thank you Pakan.
I chipped my front teeth at the age of 10 and had temporary veneers until my twenties that I wasn’t particularly happy with. After a consultation with Pakan, I decided it was time to replace my old veneers with new porcelain ones. The treatment was completed just a few weeks before I got married in September 2009 and I was delighted with the results. On my wedding day, I was able to smile with confidence, for the first time in years! I received an excellent and professional service from Pakan and his colleagues at Chatfield Dental Centre and would thoroughly recommend him and the team to anyone seeking a similar treatment.
Katie F.
Pakan transformed my worn and broken smile back to the way it used to be.  Yet he also took great pains to give my new teeth a character and personality that matched my age. Really detailed and unhurried attention made the look and the fit as perfect as possible. And all without charging West End prices! I recommend him without reservation.
Glynn Christian
I had wanted to have my smile improved for a couple of years now… I am so glad I waited until I became a patient of Chatfield Dental Centre !!! The staff are all exceptionally friendly and make you feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door. Every step of my treatment was explained thoroughly beforehand and at no time did I feel any treatments were rushed. I am thrilled with my new look and would have no hesitation in recommending the practice to anyone. Nobody would know that my veneers were not real teeth; the colour match and shape are perfect. Pakan you are a genius…
Thank you!!!!
Hazel E
The care and treatment I have received has been excellent.  I arrived at the practice terrified of what was to come but suffice to say I no longer dread the visit to the dentist!!  This year I had veneers to my top teeth which have made a life changing difference to how I feel.  At last I have a smile that I am not embarrassed about and this is due to the fabulous work of Pakan.
Jane T
I can honestly say I feel a lot more confident and am very grateful for the time, patience and effort you and your team put into getting my perfect smile. 
Kerry J
I like many people have, since childhood, never liked going to the dentist.  I always viewed it as a necessary evil.  I always think of the scene in the movie Marathon Man where Laurence Olivier starts extracting Dustin Hoffman’s teeth without anaesthetic!  So, once I find a good dentist I want to stay with them as a patient and that is what I have found at Chatfield Centre.
The support staff at Chatfield Centre are very friendly and kind which makes an appointment a pleasurable rather than an unpleasant experience regardless of any treatment that follows.  I am happy to recommend this practice to anyone.
I never liked my smile but felt reassured by the advice given to me at Chatfield Centre and recently had cosmetic and for me quite radical dentistry.  The entire procedure was explained to me beforehand and I decided after careful consideration to go ahead with it.  I am very pleased I did and am now getting used to smiling with confidence for the first time in years.
Fiona K