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  • Correct Teeth Problems with Adult Orthodontics to Restore Confident Smile
    Correct Teeth Problems with Adult Orthodontics to Restore Confident Smile
Correct Teeth Problems with Adult Orthodontics to Restore Confident Smile

Correct Teeth Problems with Adult Orthodontics to Restore Confident Smile

Adult orthodontics is used to get patients a straight and confident smile by repositioning their teeth. Undergoing this treatment will not only make your smile attractive, but it will also improve your overall dental health. Though pre-teen and teenage years are the ideal time to get a person’s teeth corrected, for patients that have missed that window, the adult braces are the perfect solution to their gapped or crowded teeth.

Is Invisalign the right treatment for me if I am no longer a teenager?

Yes, you can get your teeth straightened at any age and the procedure is the same regardless of your age. With Invisalign, when you put pressure on the teeth, they will begin to move slowly. Whether you’re are in need of a full treatment for crooked teeth or want to put some of your teeth in their optimal position, invisible braces are a suitable option for you.

One thing you should consider is the overall health condition of your mouth. If you have gum disease or missing teeth, then you need to take care of that issue before starting orthodontic treatment.

Common problems for which invisible braces are used include – gapped teeth, overbite that occurs when the upper teeth protrude out over the lower teeth, open bite when the teeth are not aligned for a proper bite and underbite when the lower teeth protrude past the upper teeth. Other issues that can be treated are crossbite and overcrowding of your teeth that occurs when both the upper and lower jaws are not aligned properly.

When is it the right time to do something for yourself?

In the last few years, more adults are choosing to wear braces. When they were younger, it might have been that their parents could not afford the treatment as it was a new technology and was very costly. Today, it is a very affordable solution to uneven or gapped teeth which is why many adults are taking advantage of it in the desire to finally get a perfectly straight smile.

As we grow older, our desire to look and feel good does not fade away. If your dental health has deteriorated over the years and you are now quite conscious of your crooked or gapped teeth, your confidence level may have been affected. In order to attain success in your career and build strong relationships with your friends and family members, you need to feel confident about your smile.

If you have crooked teeth, it might be quite difficult to brush and floss properly. Bacteria and plaque will start to build up in those hard to reach areas where your toothbrush cannot properly clean which will start to cause further dental complications like cavities and gum disease. If you have tooth cavities and gum disease, having a straighter smile can help in keeping your teeth and gums healthy and strong for the future.

Having a healthy smile is important at any age. As you begin to age, preserving your teeth becomes more crucial and taking extra care will have to become your top priority due to natural wear and tear caused by ageing. Poor dental health is also linked to other health problems such as stroke and heart disease. Avoid years of dental work and suffering from the periodontal disease with teeth straightening in Battersea right now. It is truly never too late to get yourself a straight and nice looking smile.

There are several factors that can affect whether the treatment option is right for you. These include the condition of your teeth, amount of work required, the time needed for the procedure, a few restrictions on your diet and an estimated budget for the braces. You may consult with an orthodontist to correct your teeth problems and restore your gorgeous smile.

What are the other things to consider when wearing braces?

Adults have to face some structural changes with age that cannot be attained with braces. Sometimes, they may undergo minor oral surgery to solve their complications. The orthodontist will assess your current mouth condition and then decide what the right option for you may be.

Your orthodontist in Battersea might even suggest that you should see a periodontist while wearing the braces to ensure that there is no bone loss due to gum disease. These necessary precautions can help to protect your dental health throughout the treatment.