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  • 5 Tips to Prepare for Dental Emergencies
    5 Tips to Prepare for Dental Emergencies
Dental Emergency

5 Tips to Prepare for Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies may occur any time, irrespective of days and hours, mornings and nights. It would be a good idea to prepare for dental emergencies beforehand, so you would be ready to handle it if it happens, even if you are far away from home or on a plane, car, train or ship. Here are five tip to help you get ready for a dental emergency.

  1. Know your oral state of health

Knowing your oral health can prepare you for any emergency, instead of catching you unawares.  It is best to say that preventing an emergency is way easier than handling one. Let’s say, for example, you have a medical record of gum disease, or you have sensitive teeth. Visiting your dentist is often advised so you can speak with them, go for a checkup, do anything you can to prepare yourself before taking the trip you plan to.

It’s safe to say it is best to be prepared for dental emergencies that may arise than to be caught off guard and placed in a position where you have to search for an local emergency dentist.

  1. Protect your teeth and mouth with a mouthguard

Wearing a mouthguard, or asking your child to wear one at all times is not such a bad idea, especially if you are the active type, or your child is one. Athletic mouthguards will protect your teeth or your child’s teeth from injuries by contact during activities. You can even get them custom-fit. Athletic mouthguards can come in handy when preventing dental emergencies.

  1. Take care of potential problems beforehand

Sometimes, a dental emergency might not start suddenly, especially in cases like toothache or gum problems such as pain or bleeding in the gums. Often, pain in the tooth or blood in the gums signify an impending danger. Before making a trip alone or with family, it would be best to handle such minor problems by visiting a dentist, before it becomes an emergency that can ruin your entire trip, and will require you to search for an emergency dentist near you.

  1. Pack some items with you

A dental emergency can happen when you’re miles or days away from professional dental help. Nonetheless, you can handle the situation and hold on for some time before you get help by packing some important compact items. These items can help salvage the situation, and they include;

  • Small dental mirror
  • Tweezers
  • Flashlight
  • Gauze pads of different sizes for bleeding
  • Cotton swabs
  • Dental floss
  • Extra toothbrushes
  • Pain medication
  • Topical oral pain medication

Dental filling or crown repair kit (optional)

Although this might seem quite much, you can always bring them back home if nothing happens. It’s better safe than sorry.

  1. Search dentists in the area

This is very helpful, as you can keep the contact of a professional dentist in the area you are going to. It saves time as you might be panicked or frantic during an emergency to search for an emergency dentist near your area.

Dental emergencies are not planned or expected, but you can prepare yourself before it happens. At Chatfield Dental Centre in Battersea, we offer the best dental care for any dental emergency case. Call us today to book an appointment.