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  • What are Facial Aesthetics? Know Everything about Them!
    What are Facial Aesthetics? Know Everything about Them!
What are Facial Aesthetics? Know Everything about Them!

What are Facial Aesthetics? Know Everything about Them!

Facial aesthetic treatment, also known as facial rejuvenation treatment, is a non-surgical treatment meant to reduce the signs of ageing which leads to wrinkles and aged-lines. A young face is a symbol of confidence and youth as it cannot be preserved for long. We age and thus, we have signs of age lines which to most, is disparaging.

We are living in the 21st century and we know that nothing is now impossible to achieve, at least from an aesthetical point of view.

Facial aesthetic is a process of slow noticeable subtle enhancements which, of course, take some time. But with time, it gives an outstanding phenomenal facial changes that enhance the look and overall personality of the individual.

Facial Aesthetics – The Basics

In order to go for a facial aesthetic surgery, a patient should know about the qualifications and professional expertise of the dentist.

Facial aesthetics Battersea carries this function with an ease, keeping in mind the delicate treatment.

There are two types of facial aesthetic treatments: anti-ageing and dermal fillers

Anti-Ageing Injections

Anti-ageing injections are applied on various areas of the face where it gets too stressed or the face started showing signs of wrinkles and shrivels.

Our next question is; what does this injection do to our skin?

These injections temporarily block the signals from nerves to the tiny underlying muscles. With age, our muscles tighten up which leads to the formation of lines and wrinkles on our faces. The injection will loosen up these muscles which will make your skin look younger.

These injections are most commonly used on the forehead and around the eyes.

Dermal Fillers

We all have hyaluronic acid in many topical facial moisturisers. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body that helps in keeping the skin hydrated.

With time, we all tend to reduce this hyaluronic acid. In order to gain it back, dermal fillers were introduced as an alternative.

Dermal fillers work by replenishing hyaluronic acid in selected areas. The fillers add more volume and freshen up the skin. Fillers are also used to fill in deep facial lines or reshape any features by smoothening them out.

Over time, the fillers dissolve but the effects can be visible for up to nine months.

Fillers are also used to treat non-age-related conditions like scarring or acne marks. For those who want pouting lips, dermal fillers are used to accentuate features such as lips and cheekbones.

Your face is the most important thing of your entire body that comes in recognition. When altering any facial expression, the treatments should be administered correctly and it should get into the hands of a trained medical professional who has access to all the tools and medications.

Facial Aesthetics Fees

Okay! Let’s come back to the thing that’s important now.

You have decided to go for the Facial aesthetics. Fine? You must now be wondering about the pricing of the procedure, right?

It is important to mention that the prices can vary from clinic to clinic.

Anti-wrinkle injections- £200/from

1 area £200

Additional £50/area

Facial Fillers £300

These areas can include

Glabellar (bridge of nose)


Crow’s feet (around eyes)

Bunny Lines (around nose)

Gummy smile lines



Mouth lines



Dermal fillers-£245/from

1ml syringe, price depending on the product and viscosity

***Again, this cost varies depending on the clinics. It’s always better to ask first regarding the cost in terms of your desired facial changes.